What’s the Point

What’s the point? I don’t know. I make websites for a living so I guess I feel obligated to actually have a website of my own. Not sure why. I work on websites for 40 hours a week or so… so why should I feel the need to make one in my spare time? I can’t answer this. What I can do, is document what it is that I’m doing as I build this site. I guess it’s for posterity or some shit, I don’t know.

Since this will be my site, I’m gonna build it the way I want. Here’s some of what I’m currently thinking:

  • I definitely will not support IE7. I probably won’t support IE8 either.
  • Content-first… Or at least second or something.
  • Gotta do some cutting edge UI dev shit.
  • Large fonts, probably utilizing typekit.
  • I need a style guide.

There will probably be more things to consider, but this is a start.